Tiaano's Titanium Auto Back Wash Strainer

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            Tiaano's self – cleaning filters are used for liquid filtration with different application. So they are designed and made for continuous service, anyway it is important to effect some intervention which are very important for their efficiency during operation. We remind that sea water is corrosive but Titanium is generally free from this attack and Tiaano has taken every care to prevent or avoid such phenomenon by best engineering tricks and most suitable materials.

            Tiaano's Automatic Self – cleaning filter remove solid impurities from the water and automatically eliminate them without stopping filtration process. Wedge wire filtering element are placed on the element are placed on the element support and solid impurities are discharged outside by backwashing rotating arm using the same filtered water as backwashing fluid. This operation can be made both automatically, placing electrical control board selector position  “Auto” and manually placing the selector position “MAN”. If selector is placed in “Auto” filter will work as follows.

           Back wash will enable based on the differential pressure or defined interval whichever is earlier. IN/OUT differential pressure will increase owing to bushing of solid impurities held inside the filter element. When pressure reaches the valve stated on DPS differential pressure switch an electrical signal, will be sent to the electrical control board which, through a relay will operate the generated motor and will also open the drain valve. When defined interval comes in the scheduler relay will operate the generated motor and will also open the drain valve. Back washing group will be moved by speed reducer, filtering element is cleaned in a way of 360 degrees by backwashing arm, which is in connection with the atmospheric pressure, therefore water inside and outside the filter element is discharged taking contaminated particles with it.

            Filter will back wash filtering  element for the time stated by controller. At expired time, if differential pressure is normal again, back washing will be interrupted, by stopping speed reducer and closing the drain valve. If washing hasn’t cleaned the filtering element completely, differential pressure switch will extend back washing cycle in order to obtain a pressure lowering till the stated value. If control is selected is in “ MAN” backwash and drain shall be start/stop by operator. A second cycle timer is foreseen in the controller it’s free from differential pressure switch. Every 8 hours (or anyway according to the time required by operator from 0 to 3600 Minutes) it sets in action back washing cycle for the period stated by the first timer cycle.     


Auto Back Wash Strainer

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