Manufacture and Supply of Copper Cored Titanium Tube

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Tiaano, a complete design and fabrication company established in 1992 is into designing, manufacturing and supply of MMO & Titanium and Niobium anodes for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP).   Depends upon the customer’s requirement, we manufacture the anodes from copper cored titanium and copper cored niobium too.  

The titanium-clad copper manufactured by hot extrusion has high strength and good composite fastness, and it is not easy to separate titanium and copper. However, the titanium-clad copper produced by this method has a rougher surface and lower bending resistance. After the extruded rod is subjected to a certain cold stretching, the surface roughness is improved, the bending resistance is improved, and the product dimensional accuracy can also be improved. Therefore, the titanium-clad copper currently on the market is mainly produced by hot extrusion and stretching.

The explosive method is to first put a copper rod into a titanium tube, place explosives evenly around the titanium tube, use a detonator to detonate the explosive, and then make the copper rod and the titanium tube form a composite under the action of explosive force. However, this method has low production efficiency and high cost. At present, no one adopts this method in industrial production.

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Manufacture and Supply of Copper Cored Titanium Tube

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