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Tiaano, India established in 1992 into designing, manufacturing, and supply of PPE, CTE, PPME, Bi-polar, monopolar & Reverse polarity electrolyzer (assembly anode and cathodes) for electro chlorination is the process of producing hypochlorite by introducing an direct current through salt water. This is an electrochemical unit producing an active chlorine, which used for water disinfect and make it safe for human use such as for drinking water or swimming pools. The chemical reaction is: ... [More]


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Tiaano, India established in 1992 into designing, manufacture and supply of electrodes for electro chlorination with combination of anode and cathode assembly. Anode is a titanium material coated with MMO coating material and cathode is titanium substrate. The several kinds of MMO: 1.  Ruthenium oxide 2.  Iridium oxide Ruthenium oxide:         Which is the cheaper then other MMO, but most suitable for chlorine production (seawater, saltwater). I... [More]

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Tiaano supplying electrodes are devices with high conductivity and corrosion resistance to use as anode for electrolysis. They are made by pure titanium substrate. MMO coated with that is Ruthenium oxide, Iridium oxide, which reduces the surface resistance also act as catalyzes to attain the desired reaction, such as the production of chlorine, hydrogen, caustic, etc…, Features: ·         Dimensionally stable and corrosion resistant. ·... [More]


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Electro chlorination is the process of applying an electrical current to saltwater to produce hypochlorite. This disinfects the water and makes it safe for human use, such as for drinking water or swimming pools. Application: 1. Anti-fouling by seawater electrolysis. 2. Drinking water disinfection. 3. Other disinfection. Advantage: 1. Safe and reliable method for producing sodium hypochlorite. 2. Very effective disinfectant. 3. Very effective and non-hazardous disin... [More]

Supply of Electrolyzer 500 GPH to Rajasthan for Brine chlorination

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We design the cells to consume 3.5 to 4.0 DC Voltages, with the MMO coating of 5 years guarantee, life may extended further two to three years. Over 1,000 of installations all over the world, Customers are supported through an international network of agents in over 63 countries. [More]

Electro Chlorinators with different capacities for Swimming Pool Chlorination.

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Tiaano’s Swimming Pool Chlorinator produced Sodium hypochlorite based on the Electro –chemical principle of Electrolysis. Direct current is passed through the Swimming pool water which results in the disassociation of sodium and chlorine. [More]

Tiaano design, fabrication & Supply of Electro Chlorinator 6.25 GPH for the generation of Sodium hypochlorite as disinfectant.

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Tiaano manufacturing batch type Electro chlorinators to generate the hypochlorite for a wide range of applications in safe, reliable and low cost. It is skid mounted system includes Electrolyzers, process Tank + Lid, Hydrogen Gas Hood, Salt Saturator, Pulse Dozer, Hypo Storage Tank, Hypo Dozing pumps (2 Nos.), Skid and Pipe & fittings. [More]

Recent supply of Electrolyzer 1 KPH to Vietnam for Brine Chlorination

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It is safer for the operators of the chlorinators as there is no handling of chlorine gas, which is highly toxic and corrosive. [More]


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Injection Nozzle: The injection nozzles for chlorine are appropriately combined fittings via which the chlorine solution (hypochloric acid) supplied by the full-vacuum chlorinators is introduced into the water to be treated. The injection nozzle assembly comprises an injection pipe which is screwed into the waterpipe, a shutoff valve and a non-return valve.   Please feel free to contact usecu@tiaano.com            Will share our cr... [More]

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Tiaano supplying electrodes for Electro chlorination with combination of anode and cathode assembly. Cathode is made up of Titanium material and Mixed metal oxide (MMO) is coated for anode. We supply Electrolyzers as well as Electrodes capacity from 25 Gph to 250 Kph for Brine and Seawater. This electrodes we are supplying to one of our customer in UAE. Please feel free to contact usecu@tiaano.com            Will share our credentials ... [More]

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