Manufacturing and Supply of Electrolyzer 26 KPH (Electrode Assembly) for Power Plant.

May 2, 2022 at 10:30 AMadmin
Seawater is also rich in minerals which have market interest. With the large demand of salt in many geographical areas, producing salt. The most widely applied and commercially available technologies for sea water desalination can be divided in two types: Membrane processes and Thermal processes.  During seawater intake in a power plant, it is essential to remove all organisms, pathogens, and fish from the water, as they cause slime formation on the surface and choke the pipeline. Clarifier... [More]

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Tiaano, manufacture of electrolyzers 26 KPH in different capacities for seawater chlorination

June 18, 2021 at 4:25 PMadmin
  Tiaano, India established in 1992 into designing, manufacturing, and supply of PPE, CTE, PPME, Bi-polar, monopolar & Reverse polarity electrolyzer (assembly anode and cathodes) for electro chlorination is the process of producing hypochlorite by introducing an direct current through salt water. This is an electrochemical unit producing an active chlorine, which used for water disinfect and make it safe for human use such as for drinking water or swimming pools. The chemical reaction i... [More]

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