Manufacturing and Supply of Electrolyzer 26 KPH (Electrode Assembly) for Power Plant.

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Seawater is also rich in minerals which have market interest. With the large demand of salt in many geographical areas, producing salt.

The most widely applied and commercially available technologies for sea water desalination can be divided in two types: Membrane processes and Thermal processes. 

During seawater intake in a power plant, it is essential to remove all organisms, pathogens, and fish from the water, as they cause slime formation on the surface and choke the pipeline. Clarifiers and filters are used to move the sand and most of the aquatic life, very small pathogens, and algae make it past the filter. Tiaano Electro Chlorination produces sodium hypochlorite solution from salt, water and electricity which is dosed at the seawater intake and pre-treatment plant to kill these pathogens and render the water pure to be taken into the system for further processing

OSEC Characteristic

This is more economical than commercial sodium hypochlorite injection.

Reasons why are as follows:

* This does not require to handle a dangerous Chemical.

* Electrode life is guaranteed for five years.

* No need to worry about a decrease of chlorine concentration considering that the sodium hypochlorite is generated on site.

 OSEC Uses

* Disinfection of drinking water

* Prevention of Biological growth when water is used as      


* Disinfection of Industrial Wastes.

* Disposal of industrial waste fluid

* Disinfection of Swimming pools.

* Disinfection of water used in a warm bath institution.

Electrolyzer 26 KPH

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