Manufacturing and Supply of Sanilec Electrolyzer Spare - Acrylic Cover Lid.

May 25, 2022 at 11:59 AMadmin
Sanilec seawater Electro Chlorination System from Tiaano are a dependable and monetary answer for modern bio fouling control. The Electro Chlorination process is basic and straight forward, joining three normal consumables (salt, water and Electricity) to produce a sanitizing specialist. Sanilec frameworks can be given in any way to meet client and application explicit necessities. Acrylic Cover Lid: Clear acrylic for visual investigation of the cell internal components during normal operations.... [More]

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Electrolyzer for Sea water chlorination – Power plants

November 22, 2019 at 10:22 AMadmin
We expertise for the replacement or refurbishment of electrolyzers & other spares for Electro chlorinators, where the project executed by the following World Leaders. We are supplying Electrolyzers nearly 63 countries. Our recent supply of PPE (parallel plate Electrolyzers) model to Udupi Power corporation Limited , India .Electrolyzer 16.5 kph & 6 kph [More]