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Tiaano, a complete one stop solution for all Electrolyzers / Electrolyzer Spares for PPE, CTE, PPME. In Tiaano we Design, Fabricate and Supply of various capacity of Electrolyzers and their spares for the applications like Seawater Chlorination, Brine Chlorination. Here we supplied spares for PPE electrolyzer.

Electrolyzers and its spares for the sodium hypochlorite production.

Parallel Plate Electrolyzer (PPE) for Seawater Cooling Systems Applications:

  • Power plant.
  • Desalination plant.
  • Industrial seawater cooling plant.

MMO Coated Bi-Polar Plates :

The PPE cell is constructed from a tubular body housing parallel plates of titanium cathode and anode bipolar surfaces(Plates) . The cell body is constructed from one spiral wound FRP tube with titanium end flanges to provide a high pressure cell design.

PPE System Advantages:

1. Cell flow characteristics minimize cell cleaning.

2. Cell refurbishing available.

3. Environmentally safe.

4. Lower cost per kilogram.

5. Lower power consumption.

Gaskets :

Gaskets are sheets or rings of material that function as a seal between two or more surfaces.  This seal can be used in a variety of applications and stop leakage, the release of air and the ingress of dust. Often used to fill in gaps in machine parts, gaskets are soft, flexible and perform well when compressed at different levels. Along with Bi-polar plates, gaskets we supplied Tie rod with nut, Washers, Spacer 1&2 , Terminal seal bush, End flange seal gaskets.

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