Tiaano Manufactured and Fabricated Titanium Electrolyser - 12 KPH for Power Plant.

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We, Tiaano played vital role in the design, fabrication and supply of various capacity of electrolysers for application like seawater chlorination and brine chlorination for the chemical free Electro chlorinator systems. This Electrolysers are otherwise called Sodium hypochlorite Generator, since this electrolyser are used to produce the Sodium hypochlorite.

Electrochlorination Titanium Electrolyser in above mentioned types of application has considered as the most effective, low operating cost and safety operation method in order to control the marine growth at the seawater intake structure.
Onsite hypochlorite package well known as the best method to prevent accumulations of marine life in the seawater intake line of the various plants.

Bio fouling control is one of the main challenges in the upstream processes of the power station is to protect pipeline and process equipment against biological fouling. Through the electrolysis process the package produces the required amount of sodium hypochlorite together with the by-product, hydrogen gas. The solution with hydrogen gas is fed into degassing tank (Or cyclone degassing separator) and the hydrogen to vent to open atmosphere.

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Titanium Electrolyzer - 12 KPH

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