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Seawater electro chlorination systems from Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd., (TIAANO) are a reliable and economic solution for industrial biofouling control. The electro chlorination process is simple and straight forward, combining three common consumables (salt, water and electricity) to generate a disinfecting agent. Tiaano’s systems can be provided in any capacity to meet customer and application-specific needs. On-site generation of sodium hypochlorite is an economical and safe method to produce a powerful biocide and disinfecting agent for use in industrial applications.

Tiaano’s seawater electro chlorination systems have demonstrated reliable, economic and maintenance-free operation in numerous installations throughout the world. Operating under a variety of environmental conditions, Tiaano’s systems meet the needs of large scale land-based electric power stations and industrial plants.

TITANIUM SPACERS made from titanium seamless tubes conforming to ASTM B 338 Gr.2 are regularly used in special processing units.

Tiaano’s Engineers design and manufacture and supply highly corrosion-resistant process equipment for any industry that has corrosion problems. We cater to the following Industries:

1. Chemical.

2. Petrochemical.

3. Oil & Gas Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

4. Pharmaceutical.

5. Steel Industry.

6. Biomass.

7. Metal Finishing, Plating & Anodizing.

8. Mining.

9. Water Desalination.

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Titanium Spacer

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