Manufacturing and Supply of Titanium MMO Coated Plate for Brine Chlorination.

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             Tiaano is one of India’s most established manufacturer and supply of MMO coated titanium electrodes and platinized titanium anodes. Located in Chennai, India. Tiaano is specialized in design and production of titanium electrodes and titanium electrolyzer for Electro chlorine generators, waste water treatment and other applications. It also offers services in consulting and design electrolysis cell and recoating of used titanium anodes based upon condition.  

            Titanium MMO Coated plate is essential for Electrolyser and for Electro Chlorination too. Brine water Electro Chlorination system is to generate sodium hypochlorite for biofouling control as well as for disinfection and deodorizing purposes. Tiaano has manufactured titanium MMO Coated plate for its New Zealand customer for brine water application system.


·         Anode substrate: Titanium.

·         Coating: Ruthenium & Iridium.


·         High active chlorine concentration generated.

·         Low energy consumption.

·         High corrosion resistance.

·         High stability.

·         Tailor-made service is available.

                Brine water Electro-Chlorination.

                Sea water Electro-Chlorination.

                Swimming pool chlorinator.

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