Tiaano, Manufacture and supply of electrolyers 50 KPH:

June 18, 2021 at 3:45 PMadmin

The electro chlorination process of electrolysis of a solution containing sodium chloride, such as sea water or a brine. The product obtained from electrolysis is sodium hypochlorite [NaOCl], which is expressed as a chlorine equivalent. Sodium hypochlorite is a chemical compound known as an effective disinfectant and biocide, as it is a powerful oxidising agent. Its major uses are for disinfection of drinking water supplies and control of marine bio fouling in industrial and maritime systems that use sea water in their cooling circuits.It is formed of one or several electrolysis cells, containing titanium anodes and cathodes. The mixed metal oxide electrodes [MMO] perform the electro catalytic function and are essential for production of chlorine through electrolysis.

  •     Disinfection of drinking water.
  •     Prevention of Biological growth when water is used as coolant.
  •     Disinfection of Industrial Wastes.
  •     Disposal of industrial waste fluid
  •     Disinfection of Swimming pools.
  •     Disinfection of water used in a warm bath institution.


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