Tiaano design, manufacture and supply of MMO coated plates

June 18, 2021 at 2:49 PMadmin

Tiaano, India established in 1992 into designing, manufacture and supply of electrodes for electro chlorination with combination of anode and cathode assembly. Anode is a titanium material coated with MMO coating material and cathode is titanium substrate.


·         Dimensionally stable and corrosion resistant.

·         Low working voltage and small power consumption.

·         Long service life.

·         High current efficiency and perfect electrical catalytic.

·         Avoiding pollution caused by electrode dissolution.

·         Excellent corrosion resistance.


·         Titanium is readily available in commercially pure form.

·         Excellent adherence properties with proper surface preparation.

·         Lightweight.

We supply smallest size MMO coated bipolar plates and monopolar plates to our regular customer for sodium hypochlorite production.

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