Supply of Anode and Cathode Plates for Testing (R&D) Purpose.

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Tiaano, plan and providing of Electro-chlorination Process (saline solution, ocean water) chlorinator and the cathode types (monopolar/bipolar) every one of the interaction can work with both the sorts. A monopolar cell is presumably the simplest setup and comprises of one, or different anodes (DC decidedly charged individuals) and cathodes (DC adversely charged individuals) joined to the power source by independent power associations. The bipolar is the terminal fills in as both an anode and a cathode. Here we supplied Anode and Cathode Plates to customer for Testing Purpose.

The positive and the negative power input focuses are found, every terminal has a MMO covered segment (anode) plate and a non-MMO covered segment (cathode) plate . DC current is conveyed to the positive covered terminal cathode face, transmitted from that cathode face through the electrolyte, then, at that point, it is gotten on the cathode face of the neighboring plate and goes through the plate to the anode face of a similar cathode.

The terminals are gadgets with high conductivity and consumption protection from use as anode for electrolysis. They are made by unadulterated titanium substrate. MMO covered with that is Ruthenium oxide, Iridium oxide, which diminishes the surface obstruction likewise go about as catalyzes to accomplish the ideal response, like the creation of chlorine, hydrogen, acidic, and so forth… ,

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