Manufacture and Supply of Electrode Assembly 50 GPH for Brine Chlorination

February 11, 2023 at 12:29 PMadmin

 We design fabrication, supplying of Electro-chlorination Electrolyzer for brine chlorinator, sea water chlorinator, Swimming pool chlorinator, Marine Growth prevention system along with its spares. Our electrodes are manufactured form Titanium Sheet, Mesh, Plate, Rod, Wire, Tube, Pipe and the combination of all the above, confirming to ASTM B 265, 348 & 337 or 338 gr.1 & 2. Electrodes are to be coated with platinum group of precious metal mixed oxide (MMO) and or platinum in the thickness of minimum 6-micron.

We design the cell voltage for 3.5 to 4.5. Bi-polar, Mono-polar & Reverse polarization cell design is also in our scope. Life guarantee for precious metal oxide mix coating of 3 years, depends on the current density and material of construction [sheet, mesh or pipe]. The Reverse Polarity cell is guaranteed up to 10000 hours of operation, or depends on the operating conditions in swimming pool. We adopt the different design parameters to design the electrolyzers, for Sea water, Brine, Swimming pool operation. Our Bi-polar design allows for manual cleaning by acid.

Recently, we have supplied 100 Nos. of 50 GPH Titanium Electrolyzer. Our scope of supply is Titanium cell assembly (anodes & cathodes), Titanium fasteners and clear acrylic cell.

General Instruction for Maintenance

All cells required cleaning. It must be carried out before the calcium build-up within the cell in a particular intervals based on your water quality. Using a diluted solution of hydrochloric acid and water can do cleaning. The cell cleaning process can take between 15 minutes and a few hours, depending on the scale formation on the cell. The cell must be completely free of any scale and rinsed in clean water by high pressure.

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Electrode assembly-50GPH


Electrode Assembly-50GPH

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