Manufacturing and Supply of Spares for Brine Chlorination.

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We Tiaano design fabrication, supplying of Electro-chlorination Electrolyzer for brine chlorinator, sea water chlorinator, Swimming pool chlorinator, Marine Growth prevention system along with its spares. Our electrodes are manufactured form Titanium Sheet, Mesh, Plate, Rod, Wire, Tube, Pipe and the combination of all the above, confirming to ASTM B 265, 348 & 337 or 338 gr.1 & 2. Electrodes are to be coated with platinum group of precious metal mixed oxide (MMO) and or platinum in the thickness of minimum 6-micron

Sodium Hypochlorite is made up of the sodium chloride and is a chlorine containing compound that can be used as a disinfectant. It is produced when chlorine gas is dissolved in sodium hydroxide solution. Our process is based on electrolysis of seawater or brine as it flows through an unseparated electrolytic cell. The resulting solution exiting the cell is a mixture of seawater, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen gas and hypochlorous acid.

Our process involves generation of onsite sodium hypochlorite and electro chlorination on the spot by the electrolysis of sodium chloride solution. The application of this method is particularly attractive when salt solution is available in the form of sea water or alternatively concentrated brine solution is used, this process makes it possible to eliminate the constraints imposed by considerations of safety concerns issued when large amounts of liquid chlorine tonners have to be stored. Here we supplied some spares related to Brine Chlorination.

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Spares for Brine Chlorination

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