Sea water Electrolyzer to generate sodium hypochlorite

November 20, 2021 at 11:19 AMadmin

Sea water Electrolyzer to generate sodium hypochlorite

Tiaano’s Electro Chlorinator system can generate Sodium hypochlorite from seawater to prevent bio-fouling of the pipeline and cooling system of the plant. This system consist of a primary Electrolyzer cell arrangements with associated transformer rectifier, storage tank, dosing pumps and pipe & fitting. Sea water Electro Chlorination is a simple process relating three common consumables water, salt and electricity to generate sodium hypochlorite for bio fouling control.

Whenever seawater or freshwater is utilized in an engineering process such as a Power Station, Petrochemical Works or Refinery, biological fouling is an ever present cause for treatment. Bio-fouling restricts the cooling flow at CW pump intakes, in pipe runs and reduces heat transfer across heat exchangers, and condensers, thereby reducing the efficiency of the process. Electro chlorinator manufactured by Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd, India will keep the intakes free of bio fouling and maintain the efficiency of heat transfer and reduce the system life cycle costs with extended equipment life.

Our systems are now providing the most advanced electro chlorination equipment available as well as a technically superior design for energy efficient long-term plant operation. Also replacing electrolyzers for the systems available worldwide manufactured and supplied by M/s. Denora, M/s. Sespi, M/s. US Filters. The systems are designed and manufactured in fully assembled multi skid packages to make the installation as easy and fast as possible and give assurance in greater reliable operation by factory functional testing of parts after assembly. Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd, India has proven itself by Its Long-term performance and service to the L.N.G. industry, by the way of replacing their titanium electrolyzers.


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