MGPS Electrolyzer ( Electrolytic Cell )

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As titanium has the mechanical stability and uniform current      distribution character, Platinised anodes and MMO coated Dimensionally Stable anodes are getting manufactured from Titanium by Tiaano, India for…


  • Electro Chlorinators & MGPS (Marine Growth Prevention System) for the prevention of Biofouling / marine growth.
  • Platinum plated or  titanium coated MMO electrodes, electrolyzers or electrode spares for electrochlorinators for ballast water treatment.
  • Platinized & MMO coated Titanium or Niobium rubberized Disc, strip Anodes for marine Cathodic protection (ICCP).


Parallel Plate Electrodes

MMO / Titanium Anode & Steel Cathode

MMO / Ti Anode & Hastelloy C  or Ti Cathode

Concentric Tube Electrodes

MMO / Pt Ti Anode & Titanium Cathode

MMO / Titanium Anode & SS Cathode

MMO/ Titanium Anode & Steel Cathode

MMO / Titanium Anode & Titanium Cathode

Parallel Plate and Mesh Electrodes

MMO / Titanium Anode & Hastelloy ‘C’ Cathode Assembly

Concentric Rod Electrode

Platinised Titanium Rod Anode & Steel Cathode Assembly





 The leading anti-corrosion, outstanding physical & mechanical properties of titanium and its alloys are suitable for  handling chlorine, condensing or chilling the seawater and storage of marine harvest too. However, Tiaano offer the   following for the Ship and or marine Platforms.


MGPS and their Electrolyzers

Titanium injection nozzles & valves for hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) injection in seawater intake.

Marine Chiller from Titanium heat exchanger coils or Shell & Tube Heat exchanger with corrosion free             fiberglass outer shell housing. Stainless steel cladded inlet and outlet nozzles are for steel pipe extension for the leak free seawater circulation.

Titanium Tray for Marine harvest storage.

In addition to the said corrosion free equipments, based on their 25+ years’ experience, Tiaano also supplying and      installing the equipments in more than 50 countries. Tiaano also offer

Drinking water system (desalination plants) for ship, platforms & Yachts.

Process equipments from TITANIUM, NICKEL, MONEL, INCONEL, HASTELLOY and Duplex SS.

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