Drinking Water disinfection by using Electro Chlorinator

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Drinking Water disinfection by using Electro Chlorinator

The main purpose of disinfecting drinking water is to kill bacteria and virus which cause dreaded diseases.

The major disinfection methods are:

Boiling – This is not always suitable as this method is expensive, fuel intensive and does not offer protection against recontamination.

Ultra- Violet/ Reverse Osmosis /Ozone - These are also not always suitable as they are expensive and therefore not viable for the urban and rural poor. These processes do not leave any residual in water to prevent recontamination, hence not suitable for distribution networks.

Chlorine gas – Though it is suitable for disinfection, due to its dangerous and polluting nature, it does not find easy application in most places.

In a drinking water distribution network, water needs to be chlorinated from time to time to prevent recontamination. This chlorination can be achieved through our Electro chlorinators. Tiaano's Electro chlorination is an inexpensive, simple, effective and self-sustainable method of providing safe drinking water to the people of villages and urban slums.

Benefits of Electro Chlorinator

1.    Removes foul smell.

2.    Kills all types of Germs/Bacteria.

3.    Less space for operation.

4.    No change in water taste.

5.    No harm like gaseous chlorine / elemental chlorine.

6.    There is no chemical deposit in the tank.

7.    Chlorine concentration is same throughout.

8.    No fear of cancer, since elemental chlorine is not involved.

9.    Chlorine content is measurable in all the point of distribution.

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