Titanium Pool Electro chlorinator 15 GPH

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Titanium Pool Electro chlorinator 15 GPH

Tiaano’s Swimming Pool Chlorinator produced Sodium hypochlorite based on the Electro –chemical principle of Electrolysis.  Direct current is passed through the Swimming pool water which results in the disassociation of sodium and chlorine. The Anode and the chloride ions are oxidized (electrons removed) to form chlorine (Cl2).

2Cl- → Cl2 + 2e-

At the cathode, water is reduced (electrons added) to form hydrogen and hydroxyl ions.

2H2O + 2e- → H2 + OH

In and open reactor the hydroxide ion migrate from the cathode and reacts with sodium to form sodium hydroxide which further combines with chlorine near the anode, thus producing sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl).

The water which circulate from the system and to the pool to get required amount of chlorine which disinfects and kills bacteria and viruses. This disinfects the water and makes it safe for humans from water born disease. The overall chemical reaction can be summed up as follows:

NaCl + H2O + Current → NaOCl + NaCl + H2O

Tiaano, placing a major role in design, fabrication and supply of  various capacity with their standard design and also doing custom made electrodes for the chemical free electro chlorinator system (brine/seawater) to our regular customers over 63 countries from the year 1992.

Titanium Pool Electrochlorinator 15 GPH

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