Titanium Electrolyzer for Electrochlorinator [Concentric Tubular Electrodes Series]

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We, Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd, India - provide the most effective industry standard Electrochlorination system and its parts for environmentally safe method of preventing biological fouling, using our in-house anode technology with engineering, design, manufacturing and quality control to produce superior and reliable solutions. More than 1000 installations in the world around.

CTE Concentric Tubular Electrodes: Cell constructions of CTE

system are concentric cylindrical anode and cathodes assemblies, one inside other. Electrolyte flow is forced horizontally in the annular space between the outer and inner tubes of concentric cylinders. The flow of electrolyte from the inlet to the outlet connections is uniformly distributed between the concentric anode and cathodes surface. There are no corners. Thus, there are no low flow / velocity areas where calcareous deposits calcium and magnesium can precipitate on the electrodes and / or accumulate. High velocity seawater will reduce scaling and thus acts as a continuous self-cleaning mechanism. The main reaction of the system is…



PPE rated electrodes require frequent cleaning (de-scaling), this is done by either acid washing (manual or automatic) or reverse polarity autoself cleaning. This will create high pollution, comparing CTE electrolyzers.

Performance of CTE:

No Chlorine gas

No Bulk chlorine

No chlorine Dioxide

No heavy metal pollution

No chemical storage

Unique & modular, CTE cell assembly

P roven no acid washing of cell means no purchased

chemicals and no lost production.

Proven high pressure in-line operation increases reliability.

Proven non-corroding & seamless titanium cell body.


Products are from ISO 9001 / TQM Philosophy.

Warranties offered to all users worldwide.

Professional factory staff assures product quality.

ASME production standard.


ASTM material procurement.

Key Benefits:

Ø  It is the direct replacement for Chloropac / Sanilec & other equipments mfd. to provide onsiteelectrolysis.

Ø  Easier to assemble and disassemble

Ø  Fewer components:

                         • Increasing the reliability of the cell.

                         • Decreasing the potential for leaks & stray current corrosion.

Ø  RUA-SW coating specifically formulated for seawater Electrochlorination:

                        • Low operating Voltage

                        • Higher current efficiencies

                        • Lower power consumption

                        • Increased performance stability throughout the life of the ell

                        • Greater tolerance for changing seawater conditions

                        • Longer cell life cycle

Ø  Upgrade your existing Chloropac / Sanilec cells :

                        • By retrofitting an upgrade to a market available CTE Cells. Tiaano           can improve the productivity and performance of your  existing installations.


Ø  Our service technicians are available to assist you to move forward to achieve the many benefits of the market available CTE Cells.


Where ever the seawater is to be used as cooling or process water. Following few are the major users of


Power plants.

Desalination plants.

Oil & Gas – Offshore Platforms, FPSOs, LNG Terminals.

Refineries / Petrochemical plants.

Seafood Processing Plants.

Marine vessels.

Mineral Mills.

Tiaano’s Global Recaganization:

Over 1000 installations in the world around.

Over 25 years experience on precious metal handling.

In-house anode design and production.

In house Anode coating and Platinum plating technology.

Over 50 distribution and service net work around the world.


Unit installed capacity range 1 to19600 kgs NaOCL per day.

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