Titanium Electrolyzer 50 GPH

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Sodium Hypochlorite Generator works on electro chlorination chemical process which uses water, common salt and electricity to produce Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl). The brine solution (or sea water) is made to flow through an electrolyzer cell, where direct current is passed which leads to Electrolysis. In the Electrolyser, the current is passed through the anode and cathode in the salt solution. Which is a good conductor of electricity, thus electrolyzing the sodium chloride solution.This produces Sodium Hypochlorite instantaneously which is a strong disinfectant. Electrolyzers are used to disinfect the water and also make it is safe for human use.

Features & Benefits

• No risks associated with delivery or storage of hazardous chemicals such as high-pressure chlorine

• No need to assign qualified staff required by law to handle hazardous chemicals resulting in cost savings

• Low production costs and Low power requirements

• Special metal electrode resulting in high performance

• Robust and durable

• Low operational costs

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