Supply of Electrode Assembly for Brine Chlorination

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Electro chlorination is a technique used to produce diluted sodium hypochlorite from a sodium chloride solution (seawater or brackish water).

In the process of electro chlorination, electrical current (Energy) is added to water (H2O) containing sodium chloride (NaCl). The reaction that takes place produces sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and hydrogen gas (H2). This is a simple chemical reaction,

 NaCl + H2O + energy = NaOCl + H2

Electrodes consists a set of Anodes & Cathodes, to be manufactured from ASTM B 265, 348 & 337,338 Gr.1 or 2, Plate, Expanded Mesh, Seamless and Seam Welded Pipe or Tube, Coated / Plated with Platinum group of Noble Metals like …Iridium, Ruthenium, Platinum.


  • Our MMO coatings also have a high durability and are very corrosion resistant in harsh environments, which means they will require minimal replacement and maintenance.
  • Our coatings are effective across a broad range of temperatures.
  • Very competitive on price compared to other MMO coatings, due to unique coating method.
  • Coatings can be tailored to suit the application & system requirements.
  • Environmentally safe, meets all environmental protection standards.
  • Reduces energy consumption.

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Our recent supply of electrodes for the chlorinator system:

Electrode Assembly


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