Manufacturing and Supply of MMO Coated Plates for Brine Chlorination.

August 6, 2022 at 2:31 PMadmin

Brine chlorination unit produces the sodium hypochlorite by electrolysis of edible salt solution (Brine), so nothing harm to use the product output of hypochlorite 0.8% as a disinfectant in the drinking water. After dosing of product output as per chlorine demand in the water to be treat shall be maintain the Free Residual Chlorine (FRC) level as less than 0.5 ppm.

Chlorinator unit capacity shall be designed with respect to chlorine demand in the water and volume of water to be treat, and Tiaano offers the chlorinator capacity starting from 5 Grams/hour and maximum is not limited too, as this unit can be made with a parallel stack assembly.

Tiaano designed this unit especially of fresh water whereas bromide is a factor of water quality, as this unit operated as per the regulatory guidelines of world health organization. And added advantage of this onsite electro chlorination unit is safe for atmosphere and environment, as this output product concentration is controlled with in the safe.          

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