Manufacturing and Supply of Electrode Assembly 100 KPH for Seawater Chlorination.

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Tiaano® is a technological leader in PPE, CTE, PPME, Bi-polar, Mono-polar & Reverse polarity TITANIUM ELECTROLYZERS (electrode assembly of titanium anode & cathodes) for Chlorinators / Anti fouling systems using onshore locations like power stations, refineries, desalination and smelters & offshore applications like ships, offshore platforms. Over 1,000 installations all over the world, Customers are supported through an international network of agents in over 40 countries. Tiaano’s activities related with Electrochlorination and Cathodic Protection are available in details at , .  We have the expertise in undertaking Replacement / Refurbishment of Electrolyzers manufactured by OEMS like:


•          M/s. Seven Trent De Nora, USA [Chlortec, Seachlor, Sanilec, Omni pure, Balpure]

•          M/s. Siemens, USA [US Filters, Chloropac, Sanichlor, OSEC, Seapac, Electrocatalytic].

•          M/s. Daiki, Japan.

•          M/s. Mitsubishi, Japan.

•          M/s. Cumberland, UK.

•          M/s. Pepcon, USA.

•          M/s. Sespi, Italy.

Our experience on single electrolyzer construction & installation is starting from 100 gram Cl2 per hour to 250 Kilo grams per hour.  We meet the higher capacity plants by multifold arrangement of said electrolyzers. We design the cells to consume 3.5 to 4.0 DC Voltages, with the DSA coating of 5 years life warrantee, life may extended further two to three years. 

Products from Tiaano for Electro Chlorinator include the following:

             Electrolyzers [an assembly bundle of DSA Titanium Anodes and Cathodes] made from any forms like plate, tube, mesh and custom fabricated of titanium and nickel alloy substrates. Monopolar anodes, cathodes and bipolar electrodes as a spares for the electrolyzers.  CPVC, Clear PVC, PVC with GRP and Rubber (Ebonite) lined CS Electrolyzer Housings. PTFE (Teflon), Silicon, Neoprene, EPDM Gaskets. PVDF, PTFE, PVC Spacers. Titanium, Steel, Copper & Brass Hard wares. Titanium Coolers to maintain the Hypo temperature between 5 to 27o C. Titanium Pipes and fittings, GRP pipes for Hypo dozing, Rubber Bellows, Titanium earthing electrodes, Hydrogen Degassing Tank / Venture, Hypo Storage Tank, Acid Washing System, Online Chlorine Analyzers, System Skids.

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Electrode assembly - 100 kph

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