Manufacture and supply of Titanium tube bundle/Electrolyzer Spares for brine chlorination

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A titanium heat exchanger is a heat-transfer device, made of titanium or its alloys, that is used for transfer of internal thermal energy between two or more corrosive fluids. ... The titanium tubes can be furnished in either seamless or welded style. Titanium tube bundles for a shell and tube heat exchanger.

Heat exchangers, metal shells and tubes, work by transferring heat from one place to another. ... The hot flue gas heats the metal as the gas makes its way to the exhaust outlet of the furnace. As this is happening, the hot metal heats the air circulating over the exterior of the heat exchanger.



•Permeability experiments were used to study hydrogen diffusion and trapping.

•The trapping effect was less significant at a more negative charging potential.

•The lattice diffusion coefficient of hydrogen was measured.


•The densities of reversible hydrogen trap sites was  2 × 1018 sites cm−2.


This article describes the role of hydrogen trapping in steel. Trapping increases the solubility of hydrogen and decreases the diffusivity. Traps are characterized by their nature, i.e., reversible or irreversible, saturable or unsaturable.


Hydrogen traps are characterized as irreversible traps and reversible traps .Irreversible traps are sites with a high trap activation energy, and thus the trapped hydrogen is considered as non-diffusible.


TOP CAP ALONG WITH SEAL & BOTTOM COVER: Top cap along with seal and Bottom cover are used to seal the casing (PVC+FRP) which is having electrode assembly inside it.



Tiaano can also supply the ECP using CTE Tubular Electrodes and PPME plate & Mesh electrodes. On demand system also available in Reverse Polarity specification. We have also supplying Electrolyzers casing alone as per capacity required by the customer. Recently, we have supplied casing made out of PVC-FRP for the application of brine chlorination.


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