Manufacture and supply of Electrolyzer 600 GPH for Brine Chlorination

May 18, 2022 at 12:19 PMadmin

Tiaano placing a major role of design, fabricating and supplying various capacity electrolyzers for the chemical free Electro chlorinator systems (brine/seawater) to our regular customers over 63 countries from the year 2005.


The process of Electro chlorination is simple. It is the electrolysis of salt water to deliver a chlorinated arrangement. The electric flow goes through the seawater (or brine water). This cleans the water and makes it safe for the operators of the chlorinators as there is no handling of chlorine gas, which is profoundly poisonous and destructive.


Our recent supply of 600 GPH Electrolyzer (brine based) for the chlorinator system:





  • High effectiveness by advanced and consistent transformation from brackish water to sodium hypochlorite arrangement.
  • Long life framework through improved creation and incorporated limit control.
  • High working wellbeing, simply requiring salt, water and DC power.


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