Manufacture and Supply of Electrode Assembly/MMO Coated Plated for Brine Chlorination

January 8, 2022 at 9:09 AMadmin

Tiaano, design and supplying of Electro-chlorination Process (brine, sea water) chlorinator and the electrode types (monopolar/bipolar) each of the process can work with both the types. monopolar cell is probably the easiest configuration and consists of one, or multiple anodes (DC positively charged members) and cathodes (DC negatively charged members) joined to the power source by separate power connections. The bipolar is the electrode serves as both an anode and a cathode. 

The positive and the negative power input points are located, each electrode has a MMO coated portion (anode) and a non-MMO coated portion (cathode). DC current is delivered to the positive coated terminal electrode face, emitted from that electrode face through the electrolyte, then it is received on the cathode face of the adjacent plate and passes through the plate to the anode face of the same electrode.

The electrodes are devices with high conductivity and corrosion resistance to use as anode for electrolysis. They are made by pure titanium substrate. MMO coated with that is Ruthenium oxide, Iridium oxide, which reduces the surface resistance also act as catalyzes to attain the desired reaction, such as the production of chlorine, hydrogen, caustic, etc…,

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Manufacture and Supply of Electrode Assembly/MMO Coated Plated for Seawater Chlorination

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