Manufacture & Supply of Portable Dip Type Electrolyzer 100 GPH for Brine Chlorination

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Tiaano, Manufacture and Supply of electro chlorination portable system is a most wide spread disinfection used in the treatment for drinking water. The disinfecting properties of chlorine are based on the fact that hypochlorous acid (HClO) is produced when it is dissolved in water, according to the equation is Cl2 + H2O HCl + HClO and depend strongly on the pH value.

The chlorine produced reacts immediately with the caustic soda solution also formed, resulting in a hypochlorite solution.

Cl2 + 2 NaOH NaCl + NaClO + H2O

The solution generated has a pH value between 8.0 and 8.5, and a maximum equivalent chlorine concentration in the range of 6 - 8 g/l. It has a half-life of several months, which makes it ideal for storage in a buffer tank. After dosing the solution into the water flow, no pH value correction is necessary. The sodium hypochlorite dissociation is an equilibrium reaction, resulting in hypochlorous acid, the efficient disinfectant,

NaClO + H2O NaOH + HClO      

The dosing quantity depends on the application as well as the local regulations. In general, the concentration after the injection unit is 0.5 to 2 ppm chlorine equivalent. 

Application of Tiaano® Electrolytic chlorinator

v  Drinking water treatment.

v  Swimming pool water treatment.

v  Industrial treatment for cooling towers and process water.

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