MMO Coated Rod for electro oxidation

January 4, 2020 at 5:42 PMadmin

Electro-oxidation has been applied to treat a wide variety of harmful BOD & COD presence in the water. Due to its relatively high operating costs, people are not ready to implement the system.

Depending on the effluent nature, an increase of the conductivity of the solution may be required: the value of 1000 mS/cm is commonly taken as a threshold. Salts like sodium chloride or sodium sulfate can be added to the solution, acting as electrolytes, thus raising the conductivity. Typical values of salts concentration are in the range of few grams per liter, but the addition has a significant impact on power consumption and can reduce it by up to 30%.

Tiaano introduced the effluent system which includes Electro Coagulation and Electro Oxidation system for ETP system such as slaughter house waste, industrial waste, sewage water very economical prices.

We also supply spares of the Electro oxidation system like MMO Coated Rod, plates, tube, mesh etc.

Our recent supply of MMO Coated Rod for the Chennai customer:




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