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Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS):

    The Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) has been developed for ships with the sole purpose of tackling marine organism growth, preventing it from depositing on the ship’s interior piping systems, which are continuously supplied with sea water.


       The electrolyzer with specially designed for electrodes. Then the seawater containing chlorine compounds is injected into scoops or sea chest through the nozzle to mix with the sea water sucked in form outside of the ship, thus preventing marine growth from adhering to the interior of the ship’s sea water line including sea chest, piping and heat exchanger.


Ø  Environmentally safe. Meets all environmental protection standards.

Ø  Reduces energy consumption.

Ø  Maintains plant and equipment at high efficiency.

Ø  Improved heat transfer in heat exchangers.

Ø  Increases life span of plant and equipment.

Ø  Lower capital and operating costs than any competing technology.

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