Fabrication and Supply of Platinised Rods.

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Tiaano planned this framework to forestall the marine development to the inward line of boats through the synthetic response of chlorine intensifies which are created through the electrolysis of seawater.

Seawater contains both miniature and large scale marine living beings, for example: ocean worm, molluscs, barnacles, green growth, hard shells like oak seed barnades and so on. These organic entities adhere to the surfaces of the boat and prosper around there, bringing about marine development.

In the first place, the seawater removed from the power source of one of the normal seawater siphons, or the siphon for select use in MGPS is driven into the Generating chamber, in which the seawater is electrolyzed with uncommonly planned cathodes.


Ø Based on the electrolytic rule, giving proceeds and dependable insurance from marine development without the utilization of synthetics.

Ø A double framework joining pipework hostile to fouling and erosion concealment.

Ø Environmentally protected, fulfills all ecological security guidelines.

Ø Reduces energy utilization.

Ø Maintains plant and hardware at high proficiency.


Platinized Rods

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