Electrolyzer 10 KPH

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Electro chlorination is an electrochemical process used to generate chlorine based disinfected by passing an electric current through salt (or sea) water.  Electrolyzers are used to disinfect the water and also make it is safe for human use. Such as for Drinking Water and Swimming Pool.

It chlorinates drinking water without producing environmental toxins. Unlike other chlorination techniques, electrochlorination generates no sludge or by-products other than hydrogen which must be managed safely. It is safer for the operators of the chlorinators as there is no handling of chlorine gas, which is highly toxic and corrosive. A risk assessment is required as hydrogen released is flammable & explosive.


v High efficiency by optimized and continuous conversion from brine to sodium hypochlorite solution.

v  Long life system through optimized production and integrated capacity control.

v   High operating safety, just requiring salt, water and DC power.


v  Safe and reliable method for producing sodium hypochlorite.

v  Very effective disinfectant.

v  Non-hazardous.

v  Low maintenance.

v  Non-harmful by product hydrogen vented into atmosphere.

v  Low of cost.

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