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Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd, India offers an extensive range of anode and cathode modules with various types of platinum group precious metal oxide (catalyst) coatings suited to a host of electrochemical processes - with long life times & low operating potentials for service in….

Hypochlorite cells for Monopolar or Bipolar arrangements.

Chlorine anodes for Membrane, Mercury (runner, rod & strip) and Diaphragm Cells.

Chlorate & Perchlorate anodes for Plate type, Diaphragm, Modular & Tank Cells.

Anodes for Iodate & Bromate cells.

Anodes for metal finishing & Recovery.

Anodes for Cathodic protection.

Anodes for Fuel cells.



Refurbishment includes recoating, rebuilding the standoff and / or replacement depending on the condition of anodes and electrolyzer. Low current output, damaged standoffs, leaking seals or damaged mounting threads are the symptoms refurbishment.


Please feel free to contact usecu@tiaano.com           

Will share our credentials (client list, performance certificate, etc.) based on email request.

Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd.

No. 48, Noothanchary, Madambakkam,

Chennai - 600 126, I N D I A.

Email: ecu@tiaano.comwebpage: www.ecanode.com

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