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Ti Anode Fabricator Private. Limited. , was established in the year 1992 and has customer in 62 countries. We design, manufacture and supplying of Electro Chlorination, Platinized Anode, Cathodic Protection Anode, Chlor Alkali Chlorine Anode, Cooling Tower Water Treatment, Anode and Cathode, Heat Exchanger…., etc. Electro chlorination is an electrochemical process used to generate chlorine based disinfected by passing an electric current through salt (or sea) water.  Electrolyzers are used to disinfect the water and also make it is safe for human use.

Product Details:

Application: Seawater Application

Raw Material: EPDM, Copper, Brass, Titanium/MMO

Quality: 5 Nos

Capacity: 2.5 KPH

Delivery to: Switzerland

Design by: Tiaano, India

Refer more details here:- www.ecanode.com


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