Chlorination in the Dairy Industry

May 20, 2022 at 1:58 PMadmin

The importance of properly disinfected drinking water for the dairy and food industry and farms is often underestimated. Water from wells and other sources may be contaminated with bacteria. Additionally, water lines and drinkers themselves may be contaminated, creating an environment which allows disease to spread from animal to animal. Even in the absence of visible disease, certain bacteria can colonize in the digestive tract of dairy cows, resulting in lower milk production and higher feeding costs.

Now large number of dairy farmers who chlorinate drinking water using the ELECTRO CHLORINATOR system have reported improvement in overall milk production. Other health issues are often reduced, such as digestive disorders and illness. Drinker systems remain cleaner with less build-up of algae, slime and rust deposits that lead to maintenance problems. Even seemingly harmless bacteria can produce a bacteria laden bio-film in pipes and drinking equipment. These and other bacteria can also create unpleasant odours and tastes that may cause cows to drink less water.

Researchers have noted that approximately one third of dairy herds encounter some kind of production problem with water quality as the root cause. We can now use the electro chlorination with the help of titanium electrolyzer (Cathode and MMO Coated Anode) in the process.

Our recent supply of MMO Coated Plate/Negative Plate/Fasteners for the chlorinator system:

MMO Coated Plate/Negative Plate


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