January 7, 2020 at 3:38 PMadmin

Tiaano electrolyzer generate the sodium Hypochlorite by electrolysis and inject the same into sea water circuit, to prevent the growth of marine organisms and bio fouling on inner surface of seawater system whereas sea water directly used for cooling processes or some other application.

In Offshore oil platforms, drilling rigs and ships major source for water is sea, to cooling processes, Fire fitting system, Ballast water, and Process condensation Etc., also treat and clarify through several steps to get drinking water or feeding water for steam boilers or other sensitive equipment.

This excellent Tiaano electro chlorination unit were equipped with unique electrolysis cell as per below image which does not allow to accumulate the scales (Ca and Mg) by nonlinear technology, hence electrolyzer (CTE ) will perform without usage of chemicals such as Hydrochloric acid. Also this electrolysis unit designed to survive in hazardous zone (ATEX) of critical applications whereas explosive environment presents or likely to occur.,

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